Veterans League Rules


1.    The name of the competition shall be “The North Staffs and District Veterans League” and is open to the over (55’s) who are a full or 5 day member of a participating club.

2.    It will be governed by a committee elected bi-annually at the AGM.

3.    The competition shall be divided into Divisions (where applicable) with a maximum of 8 teams per Division. Each team to consist of 12 players (six pairs), and games will be played as Four Ball Better-Ball matches on a home and away basis. 

4.    The maximum number of fixtures per Division shall not exceed 14 (i.e. 8 teams)

5.    Strokes shall be given as follows:

WHS Index – Converted to Course handicap – difference off lowest – 90% of the difference .

Max shots as below:

Division 1     10 strokes  Division 2       14 strokes

To both partner and opponent alike.

6.    Promotion and demotion shall be compulsory in all Divisions on a 2 up 2 down basis   All divisions are allowed to have more than 1 team from a single club.

7.    Any new team entering the League shall start in the lowest Division even though they may already be represented in that Division (where applicable).

8.    Points shall be awarded to each individual game (not the match as a whole) on the following basis: –

Win = 2 Points
Half = 1 Point

The ultimate winner shall be the team with the most points at the end of the season.

9. In the event of a tie on points, the ultimate league divisional winner/runner-up, shall be decided by the number of individual games won.

Should this still result in a tie, the aggregate score will be taken into account.   

Should this still result in a tie, a play-off match will take place at a neutral venue to be decided by the committee.


Where a Club has two teams entered in the league the higher divisional team or 1st team (if in the same division) shall register 10 players with the league who must play in a minimum of 3 games and may not play for the lower divisional team, or second team if they are in the same division. Player’s registration forms to be received by the Secretary by 31st March each year. 2nd team players can play for either team. These names can be emailed to the Committee.

Any club wishing to make alterations to their 10 Named players must be made before 1st July, no alterations can be made after this deadline.

Any breach of this rule will result in the deduction of 2 pts for each offence.

10.  Players may only play for 1 club even if members of 2. The 1st Club you play/are named for is deemed to be your club. Should a player wish to be transferred to another club then they need to give 7 days’ notice to the league committee. No further transfers will be allowed by said player.  The player is cup-tied for the season if they have represented a club in any of the knock-out competitions. The Committee must be informed in writing of any player changing clubs. Breach of this rule will result in a 2pt deduction for each offence.

Any player banned from a golf club who represents another club, unless the sanctions have been imposed by the league, the visiting team will be awarded the points for a league game (max 2 points awarded) and for Cup games max of 1match awarded.

Registered Club Professionals are not permitted to play in any League or Cup game. Assistant Professionals may enter providing they are not registered with the PGA and have retained their amateur status. The description of “Professional” is determined as detailed by the R & A. and will apply.

11.   It is the responsibility of the home team to inform the committee of the details of each match. It is the responsibility of the home team to post the result on the relevant Whatsapp group within 48 hours of match. Any results received late, unsigned or filled in incorrectly will result in a 2 points deduction.

Results cards will need to have players WHS Index and/or Course Handicap on them.

12. Matches may not be re-arranged after the 1st April for any reason other than

      a) the playability of the course.

      b) or those forced on the League by the management of the host club.

      c) or is agreeable to both teams captain.

Matches re-arranged under this rule MUST be notified to the Secretary asap

13. The Committee shall be empowered to settle any disputes arising out of these rules, and any other matter that may bring the League into disrepute. The Committee’s decision will be final.

14. Without exception, all matches must be played on or by 30th September each year.   All outstanding matches will be declared void and no points will be awarded. Any clubs not completing their fixtures may face disciplinary action from the committee.  

In the event a match is abandoned any games finished will stand.  Any games still out on the course will be declared as halved if unable to be resumed or re-played no matter the score at the time. 

Matches may only be abandoned by the course management or by mutual agreement.

15. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by 3 or more clubs acting together, and with a minimum of 21 days notice in writing to the Secretary.

16. Every participating club shall pay an Annual Subscription, per team, to the league. The amount (currently £100 ) shall be determined at the preceding years AGM.

17. These rules can only be altered or amended at the Annual General Meeting which shall be held on a date to be fixed by the Secretary. Usually 4 weeks after the End of Season Meeting.

18. Where any proposition or amendment is put to a meeting that necessitates a vote being taken, such a vote should be on the basis of one vote per club.

19. Where a club enters more than 1 team in the same division they shall play both matches against each other within their first 3 games of the season.  Failure to do so will result in matches being declared void and no points will be awarded         

20. The Home club should provide food for the away team after the game.

21. The Annual Presentation Evening will take the form of a Gentlemen’s Evening and be held on a date and at a venue decided by the officials of the league.

22. Any Club not being represented at the End of Season or AGM & Fixtures meetings will be fined the full league fee for that season, (currently £100) for each meeting. 

23. ALL INVOICES TO BE PAID IN FULL AND RECEIVED BY ‘THE 31st JANUARY EACH YEAR.’  Invoices will be sent out at least 4 weeks prior to this date.

24. The use of buggies are allowed.

25. Each Club will pay for a minimum of two tickets/team to the League’s Presentation Evening regardless of whether they are represented at the event or not.

26. Any  club  not  returning  trophies  by  the  AGM & Fixtures meeting  will  be  fined   the  full  league  fee  for  that  season,  (currently  £100).

27. Any team/s failing to turn up for a fixture or failing to declare an un-played fixture will be fined £200 for their 1st offence and £400 for their 2nd offence. In addition to these fines a points deduction may also be incurred at the discretion of the League Management Committee. The average points achieved at the end of the season + 2 would be awarded to their opponents. Any further offence committed would lead to instant expulsion from the League.

28. a) When 50% or more of a team turn up all games/pairings must be played.

      b) Any team turning up with less than 50% of the required 12 players will be deducted 2 points for every player below 50%. 

29.  It is the responsibility of each club and their representative to ensure that all rules are adhered to. Any breaches of the rules will lead to disciplinary action from the league.

30.  The use of (GPS) Rangefinders is permitted. (Beware of any local club rule re GPS).

31.  Players must have a valid WHS Index in any N. S. & D. G. L. competition.     

32.  All matches to be played from general play (yellow) tee’s.