Jim Cumberbatch Scratch Cup

Preliminary Round

Play by 20th May 2024

StoneVMalkins Bank
Alsager VThe Manor
Wychwood ParkVOnnelly

First Round

Play by 24th June 2024

AWolstanton VBurslem or Astbury
BCongleton VWestwood
CUttoxeterVStone or Malkins Bank
DNewcastleVThe Chase
ETrentham Park VAlsager or The Manor
FSandbach VBlythe Bridge
GLeek VWychwood Park or Onnelly
HCreweVGreenway Hall

Quarter Finals

Play by 22nd July 2024

1Winner of A VWinner of B
2Winner of C VWinner of D
3Winner of E VWinner of F
4Winner of GVWinner of H

Semi Finals

Play by 26th August 2024

Winner of 1 VWinner of 2
Winner of 3 VWinner of 4


Westwood 7th September