Gents Knockouts Rules


1.    Each member club in the League shall be entitled to enter a team.

2.    A team shall consist of:

DOFSKY CUP6 players, of which not more than 3 shall have a WHS Index of 9.0 or under.
HAUGHTON SALVER6 players, having a WHS Index not higher than 14.0, those with a greater WHS Index may play, but off 14.0 WHS Index.  
JIM CUMBERBATCH SCRATCH5 players, playing off scratch (no shots given or received).

3.    Each match shall consist of:

DOFSKY CUP Three, Four-Ball Better Ball matches played off 90% of the difference from the lowest course handicap for the relevant tees.
HAUGHTON  SALVERThree, Greensome matches, handicap to be 60% of low + 40% of high of course handicap. Full difference.
JIM CUMBERBATCH SCRATCHFive players, playing singles Match-Play. No shots given or received.

4.    In all KO’s (except finals played on a neutral course) away halves count as wins to the visitors and losses to the home team. In the finals each match shall be played to a finish. e.g. if all square after 18 holes, play will continue on a “sudden death” basis.

5.    All Matches shall be played off Competition Tees of the Home Club.

6.   The draw for each round shall be made by the committee who will also decide the dates between which the matches shall be played.  The home club will provide 4 dates to the away team, who must agree to 1 of these dates.

Any match not played by the “to be played by” date will result in both teams being disqualified from the competition. It is the responsibility of the winning team to post the result on the relevant Whatsapp group within 48 hours of the match.  Failure to comply will result in the winning team being disqualified.

Results cards will need to have players WHS Index and/or Course Handicap on them.

7.    In the event of a club winning through to more than one KO final, or having a league fixture, they shall field teams simultaneously on the day.

8.   Any dispute shall be referred to the  Secretary and Chairman whose decision shall be final.

9.   Wherever possible the scratch KO should be played in the evenings.

10. The venue for the Finals’ Day is detailed on the Events page, and the venue shall not be changed even if this produces a home tie. Should it do so then Rule 4 will apply. Where the venue is a municipal club, a 1 hour space will be requested prior to the matches commencing.